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Install Ink Cartridge

  1. Remove the protective cover and protective film from the ink cartridge.

  2. Remove the lid of the printer. Switch open the cover lock and open the transparent cover slowly.

  3. Insert the cartridge in the ink tank. Check if it is well fitted inside. Then close the transparent cover, push the cover and lock it with the switch.

   ※<Important> After using Princube, be sure to close the lid to keep the ink cartridge out of contact with the air. After removing the ink cartridge from Princube, we suggest putting the protective cover back on when not in use to protect the nozzle and ink from drying out. 
Remove Ink Cartridge

  1. Make sure Princube is power off.

  2. Remove the lid of the printer. Switch open the cover lock and open the transparent cover slowly.

  3. Take out the ink cartridge. Try not to touch the nozzle.

  4. Protect the ink cartridge with cover.

Connect the USB-C cable to charge Princube. 

  • Yellow indicator: Charging.
  • Green indicator: Fully charged.

  • Wifi-Connection

iOS/Android Phone/iPad/Android Tablet/Mac/Windows/Linux

  1. Switch on Princube. After about 5 seconds, you are ready to connect with a “beep” sound.

  2. Select and connect Princube WIFI from your smartphone/tablet/computer, etc. Every Princube has its own WIFI SID.  (Default password: 12345678, you can change in web app)

  3. Use the camera app to scan the QR code on the inside of the Princube lid, or enter into the device's browser to launch the web app.

※Because it is connected to the Princube, not an external Internet connection through WIFI, a ‘Connected without Internet’ message may appear. Please ignore it and keep the connection. Also when connected to Princube Wi-Fi your device will have no access to the internet.

※For android device, when connected to a Wi-Fi without an internet connection, your device might automatically switch to a cellular network. To make sure you can access to Princube online App via browser, please turn off the cellular network. 

  • USB Connection

Mac OS/Linux

  1. Power on Princube

  2. Connect Mac and Princube with USB-C cable.

  3. Open on any browser to access to the web app


  1. Download and Install Windows Driver

  2. Power on Princube

  3. Connect Mac and Princube with USB-C cable.

  4. Open on any browser to access to the web app

Windows Driver Installation Guide

  1. Download the driver file for Windows ( file) and extract it to a specific folder (e.g. download folder)

Download Windows Driver Here 

  1. Wiindows Management Tool->Execute Computer Management->Select Device Manager at the bottom

  2. Princube USB connection and power on

※In case of Windows 10, automatic device recognition

  1. Select the USB serial device (COMXX) of the port (COM & LPT) and update the driver on the right side of the mouse.

  2. Select the second software search, and select the path to the folder where you downloaded and extracted the package.

Example download folder) C:\Users\xxx\Downloads\princube-

  1. Check driver installation/update completion message

  1. Switch on Princube. After about 5 seconds, you are ready to print with a “beep” sound.

  2. Place Princube on the surface that you want to print.

  3. Press the Printing button once and release it. You’ll hear a short “beep” sound and the status indicator turns green. 

  4. Slowly slide Princube from left to right to print.

  5. If you slide too fast, you’ll hear a ‘beep-beep-beep’ sound.

  6. When printing is complete, the green light will turn off with another “beep” sound.

※Reset Ink Cartridge before Printing

※How do I know where the printing pattern starts and ends?

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